3 Tools for Increasing Inner Peace

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2021

3 Tools for Increasing Inner Peace


" Once you learn how to foster an environment where open communication is the norm in your relationship, there will always be peace in your marriage."

To be able to keep the peace in our marriages, we must learn how to have meaningful conversations in a way that honors and protects both our own and our spouse’s inner peace. Today we cover 3 important tools for increasing inner-peace in your life and your romantic relationship.  

#1: Learning Effective Communication Skills
Take your time to reflect on the recent arguments you and your spouse have had. Most of the time, small and petty fights are a result of altering perspectives, and defense mechanisms resulting in miscommunication. Once you learn how to have meaningful conversations that are enlightened and insightful in nature, your and your spouses inner peace increases. Learning these crucial relationship skills allows each person to enter into conversations without becoming defensive and returning to old behavioral patterns. 

#2: Stepping Out of the Victim Mentality  
Another aspect you must let go of in order to protect the inner peace within your relationship is the victim mentality. If you’re stuck in the victim stance, you’re just holding yourself back from being able to have productive conversations that actually help you grow and evolve. At the end of the day, would you rather prove a point or evolve and grow closer as a couple? If you approach your problems with blame towards your spouse, you’re only touching the surface level of your relationship. When you remove yourself from that victim stance, you will start to discover and understand their perspective and be able to take the conversation to a much more meaningful place; a place where love and empathy exists. 

#3: Resolving Grudges 
Resolving grudges is also essential in protecting your inner peace. Anger, bitterness and resentment will only create negative views of your spouse and begin to put a wedge between you. Forgiveness and dedication to resolving painful moments is so important. Use this as an opportunity to create a meaningful conversation with your husband about anything that you may be holding onto, so that it doesn’t fester and grow to an unhealthy degree. Your spouse can feel these unresolved pains in the form of tension and will feel relieved when the air clears.
Through all of this, the key in honoring and protecting the inner peace in your marriage is effective, healthy, and meaningful conversations. This requires the both of you to engage from a place of empathy rather than victimization. Once you learn how to foster an environment where open communication is the norm in your relationship, there will always be peace in your marriage.

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