Client Testimonials

Stephanie Pickard

Sacred Women's Intensive

I knew the Sacred Women's Intensive was going to be a great experience when I walked in and saw how much care Amy put into making us feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. We were given a list of what to bring in advance, and the circle set up was beautiful. The exercises were eye opening and I loved getting to know everyone.

Jayme Kimiyo

Sacred Women's Intensive

I had such a beautiful and fulfilling day. Amy made sure safety and non-judgement was addressed and integrated throughout. I appreciated the aspect of re-building community and connection between us women. I left feeling relaxed and open to continue empowering and building my feminine power.

Sarah Coffman

Sacred Women's Intensive

Amy has wisdom beyond her years. These women's intensives have the ability to create long lasting healing. I know if more women had this opportunity, there would be a meaningful and positive impact on our place in the world.

Hannah McMayhill

Sacred Women's Intensive

Amy, This. Is. Your. Calling. Every activity today was helpful, and needed. The safe space, energy, and dialogue is part of what made this day so amazing. I encourage you to keep doing this. I will absolutely attend again.

Cassidy Engfer

Sacred Women's Intensive

I had a beautiful experience and was able to heal old ideas and wounds. I also left with "homework" that will help me continue on my path of self-discovery. It is so magical and synchronistic when women gather. Thank you.

Anna Gloor

Sacred Women's Intensive

Amazing! It was amazing to see everyone's paths. I feel as though this is needed for women at least 1-2x per year. You are amazing! Thank you!

Brandi Howes-Medley

Sacred Women's Intensive

Dearest Amy,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and with all that I am for offering the time and space necessary for me to come to terms with, and bring awareness to the ways in which I am holding myself back. The setting, exercises, and the group of women lifted my soul.

Rebecca Lee

Conscious Wife Transformation

My story is a common one to many women. I was burned out and exhausted from doing too much for others and neglecting myself. This left me bitter and angry, with a very negative, critical and untrusting view of others. Obviously this was not a promising recipe for good relationships. When I started The Conscious Wife Transformation I felt committed but lacked confidence in my ability to truly change, because I felt I had been fighting the same internal battle for years. What I learned through this course, and the hard work I put in to applying the information has been life changing. The most valuable lessons that will forever benefit me involved paying attention to my own struggles, listening to my feelings and emotions and learning what I really needed on a deeper level. No one can fix these things for us, but we can absolutely help ourselves. This course has helped me lay the foundation for the life I want. In order to have love and kindness in our lives we must start with ourselves and the rest will follow. Thank you Amy, I truly appreciate your support and all that I have learned.

Madeleine Patton

Conscious Wife Transformation

I was immediately drawn to Amy’s approach for helping women cultivate insight and make mental shifts to transform their lives. I knew I wanted to work with her in some capacity whether it was traditional therapy or through The Conscious Wife Transformation Program. I appreciated how during our weekly check-ins, Amy had the ability to unearth and help me label different feelings and experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to identify or even recognize on my own. For example, I didn’t consider myself a person who needed so much control, until Amy carefully and tactfully pointed out that part of me and provided insight on how to work with it.

The Lee's

The Concious Couples Retreat

If you want a meaningful vacation, where you connect on a deeper level with your partner and strengthen the bonds of love and trust, while also being pampered by incredible hosts, indulging in the most delicious meals, surrounded by beautiful scenery...YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THE CONSCIOUS COUPLE RETREAT!!!! It is worth every bit of your time, you will be left with nothing but gratitude following this experience. Thank you Amy for diving in and helping us enrich our marriage, the work you are doing is beautiful! We are already excited to come back next year!

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