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Most relationships start with a “honeymoon phase.” You know, that cutesy period where you can’t keep your hands off each other, where you take tons of selfies, and brag to all your friends and family about the winner you picked. However, as you and your spouse get caught up in the challenges of daily life, there can often be less time for romance and adventure, which can make your bond feel stagnant, even when you’re doing your best to stay connected.

The fix?

Some good old fashioned quality time, with activities and luxurious touches designed both to stretch your capacity for togetherness as well as to build safety and closeness with each other!

Any time a couple can spend intentional time together away from the distractions of everyday life, it is beneficial for the relationship. Couples retreats offer wonderful activities to help couples connect, increase intimacy and have fun together. It’s a time to assess and mend the relationship and return home with an improved rhythm!

What can you expect from this retreat:

  • Restored intimacy and connection.
  • Improved communication.
  • More positive patterns of relating to one another.
  • Increased insight and empathy.
  • Renewed trust and commitment.
  • Access to vulnerability strong enough to break down walls and form a bond that will carry on long after your retreat is over.
  • Feeling closer and more connected to each other than you may have in a long time.
  • Finding yourself more fulfilled in your relationship than you ever could have imagined.


Here's what one couple has to say:


"If you want a meaningful vacation, where you connect on a deeper level with your partner and strengthen the bonds of love and trust, while also being pampered by incredible hosts, indulging in the most delicious meals, surrounded by beautiful scenery...YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THE CONSCIOUS COUPLE RETREAT!!!!

It is worth every bit of your time, and you will be left with nothing but gratitude following this experience. Thank you, Amy, for diving in and helping us enrich our marriage, the work you are doing is beautiful! 

We are already excited to come back next year!"

-The Lee's

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